A+O Chair seating for the Ecumenical Forum in Hamburg HafenCity, project (2012)

I was asked to propose chairs for the new interfaith chappel in Hamburg HafenCity. The seating should be made of solid hard wood and has‚ to be stackable and connectable inline. Reflecting on examples, I got an inspiration remembering the typical skid models of my schooldays. The reference to that typology alludes to instruction as a fundamental aspect of service.

In a chapel, the sculptural presence of the entire seating has to be considered just as the appearance of the single chair. The redesign brings out even more the sensible reduction to only a few linear load-bearing bars. Two legs instead of four reduce the number of lines conspicuously. The prevailing rhythm of the bevels brings more calmness into a fold of chairs.

The cantilever construction features overhanging parts subjected to momentums. As a result the component dimensions are encreased, so that the bold structure graphically appeares as a strong sign. I take it as a meaningful pattern which includes the letters A and O, both in a formal and figurative manner.