experiments lead to products: on the design work of Jakob Timpe
an exhibition at The Correspondence Project Space during the Brussels Design September 2012, September 26th/29th

Trial and error is a permanent condition in the work of Jakob Timpe. His first exhibition in Belgium at The Correspondence in Brussels delivers insight into the intricate ways leading to emblematic products like Stand, Elane or Camp.

Entering the gallery`s first space from the boulevard, an abstract installation of Stand trestles piles up towards the high ceilings. At the wall beside the show window, a big puzzle reflects the many projects leading to a few products.

In the second room four objects, each of them destinated to stand on their own feet, are hanging at the walls like usually art pieces do. Once again, the question whether design is art has not been resolved.

Porcelain Lodge, an exhibition by Cordula Kafka and Jakob Timpe during the DMY International Design Festival Berlin June 1st/5th 2011

Cordula Kafka presents her current work at her charming, street side Kreuzberg SO36 studio. Kafka's subtle, luminous objects are arranged on the new shelving system Loggia by Jakob Timpe, recently shown for the first time by italian producer Alias at the Salone in Milan. This unique staging makes for strong complimentary contrasts between the strength of load-bearing arches and the (apparent) fragility of glowing, luminescent porcelain.

Encasing of stairways down to the underground shopping mall "Forum Jahnplatz" in Bielefeld, Germany, competition (2008)

Some consider West-German pedestrian areas the economic backbone of regional retail, others regard them as the very embodiment of banality. However, these areas call for a firm attidude. The corresponding pair of prismatic glass shelters is intended to be a sculptural representation of the pedestrians' up and down movement. Depending on season, these entirely glazed pavillions may be perceived as wrapped gifts, which shed new light on all too familiar surroundings.

Ottakringer Brewery-Quarter, Vienna,with Lox Loidolt, competition (1997)

Complementing and repairing the frayed urban pattern in Vienna's periphery with a total of 30.000 sqm of new construction. The contextual implementation of commercial and residential buildings which are of higher density than their surroundings permits an enlargement of public spaces by a kind of Rambla. On the other hand, this new leafy area acts as a stage for the new volumes echoing traditional European town squares.

Social housing in Mora la Nova, Spain, competition (1998)

The open staircase of this apartment building is the only concession to extravagance and an allusion to traditional Catalan courtyards, while the ground plans are the answer to functional austerity and demands of feasibility imposed by the strong legal regulations for social housing.

School for Forest Rangers, Kehlheim, Donau, Germany, competition (1999)

The projected extensions are grouped around the rustic forest lodge within a beautiful clearing. This unique spot above the river Danube invited us to consider the striking topography, to site the volumes carefully and arrange them in the communicative manner of a traditional village. Or did we have Max Bill's HfG above Ulm in the back of our minds?

School for Handicapped Children, Naila, Germany, competition (1998)